SEOCheater tools: PBN backlinks, link building and
SEO copywriting for marketers

SEO ranking monitor, web scraping, SEO link building, scraping data from a website

PBN: accelerate traffic growth with your own network of sites

We explore topics and available resources and design the PBN architecture
Our specialists capture quality domains with history, check for filters
We deploy your websites on secure & distributed platforms
Our Production team uploads quality content: images, copywriting, neural networks
Additionally, we pump up the satellites with external links
Our team posts the links and speeds up the indexation

Buy links and PBN service

PBNs with support

Create, maintain and pump up an established network. Replace sites that have fallen out.
  • $49/month per unit (10-19 sites)
  • $44/month per unit (20-30 sites)
  • $39/month per unit (30+ sites)

PBNs turnkey

We deploy a network of websites on your hosting sites. Further support is on your side.
  • Individual price calculation
Other services

Integrated link-building

We will prepare a link strategy for you and place different types of links:
  • crowd marketing
  • link outreach
  • cross-references
  • disave bad links

Scaled copywriting

Our team will produce materials on an industrial scale:
  • SEO texts for multi-page websites
  • website blogging
  • mass description of products and services
  • writing reviews

SEO routine

We will free the SEO specialist from time-consuming, yet useful operations:
  • build a semantic core
  • prepare the text elements
  • pouring new texts into the admin panel
  • mark up texts correctly

Dashboards and reporting

We will also unite all your events and promotion data into one user-friendly dashboard:
  • SEO monitoring of websites
  • cross-cutting analytics
  • benchmarks
  • custom reporting

Data parsing

We will conduct a massive data collection from any source:
  • maps, search engines
  • marketplaces, services
  • social networks, chat rooms, channels
  • directories, databases

Custom automation development

Our team will also automate the data handling:
  • custom scripts
  • telegram bots
  • position and seasonality monitoring
  • automate loading of goods
Our cases

PBN for a Real Estate website in the business segment

  • increased organic traffic by 2.5 times
  • increase search engine visibility 3 times
  • ranked in top 5 with niche searches
  • successfully passed Google Core Update 2022 in May 2022

PBN for a Medical
Supply website

  • increased organic traffic by 2 times
  • increased visibility in Google from 20% to 40%
  • satellite sites got leads which convert into customers
  • increased the DR of the promoted site to 30 on Ahrefs

Dashboard for a Hotel Booking and Ticketing service

  • SEO monitoring: automatic tracking of position
    dynamics, visibility and seasonality
  • benchmarks: media mentions, traffic and ad spend
    compared to competitors
  • cross-cutting analytics: data mapping from
    analytics, back office and CRM
  • cohort analysis: tracking return on site, number of
    orders and revenue after the first visit

HealthCare Discount
monitoring service

  • collected competitors in the client's niche
  • parsing data on rival offers and promotions
  • forwarded information to the database to store historical data
  • created a Telegram bot for notifications of additions or deletions of promotions
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Reviews from our clients

Health centre network

Our clinics are all over Russia, many destinations, even more services. There are separate sites for each geo and destination. To promote so many sites, we need a powerful and stable linking tool that takes into account the EAT-factors, as our business falls into the YMYL category. It is almost impossible to find enough donors with high DR on the market. The solution was a private multi-tiered and multi-regional PBN grid of 50 reclaimed medical sites with good performance. In a year and a half we tripled traffic from Google and doubled from Yandex.

Head of paid traffic

As the head of the department, I need the dashboard for the remaining amounts on the sites in order to keep track of the timely replenishment of funds on the advertising sites. Previously, my guys had to go into their offices and separately calculate the balance for each client twice a week. This took about 20 minutes. Now the guys just enter the account balance and see all the information instantly. Moreover, managers are now able to track this information as well, which minimizes campaign stoppages due to lack of budget. Thank you very much for this miracle invention!

Construction company

Historically Google was lagging far behind in terms of positions, even the links didn’t help in any way. We approached the guys with the problem, they analysed the site and advised a grid of 20 topical drops with history and DR. The grid is only four months old, and Google has already made progress on a number of queries!

GEO we work with

We provide PBN, linkbuilding, SEO and other services worldwide

  • Europe: Ireland, Portugal, Germany, France, Spain, Cyprus, Romania, Poland
  • America: Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia
  • Asia: India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand
  • Oceania and Africa: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa
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