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Website promotion by building external links

Link building allows you to increase the link mass for the company’s website – this will ensure more effective website promotion and give you an advantage over competitors in building outreach. The link strategy explains which links should be placed on third-party platforms, which can harm the site, which texts are better to use, and so on. This approach will significantly optimize the site and increase user outreach.

How to do practical work with link-building outreach?

To use link building effectively, you need to use a link outreach service, which will provide a competent strategy based on the analysis of your site. In addition, you should optimize the site as much as possible, eliminating all technical errors. It will enable quality building outreach. Link building is also needed; this will significantly expand the company’s capabilities and increase its efficiency.

Besides link outreach, another powerful method is leveraging PBN (Private Blog Network) networks. PBNs are networks of authoritative websites used to build backlinks to your main site, thereby improving its search engine rankings.

Crowdlinks and platform links can start building after the website is launched. It would be best to begin building link building and outreach only when your site is in the TOP-50 and TOP-20 ratings, achieved through high-quality content and internal optimization. At this stage, it is already necessary to have a developed strategy for outreach based on the study of competitive sites, considering their DR domains. Often such an analysis is neglected, so the effectiveness of outreach is significantly reduced. In addition, the use of link building outreach tools will affect the quality of outreach.

To achieve high results with high outreach, it is necessary to focus on the platforms of competitive companies. In addition, one should carefully consider the choice of donor sites for link building.
Let’s consider the main aspects that should be paid attention to in the first place when planning outreach.

Ensuring diversity outreach

The profile must be very diverse, including anchor and non-anchor links. The anchor page of the web platform should also be very diverse. The degree of relevance of all links in building outreach should be established based on the competitor platform’s analysis and not traditional algorithms.

The DR domains indicator from leading competitors should be used to build outreach. Greater outreach efficiency will be ensured by link building, which is conducted from various groups of resources (blogs, reviews, directories, and others). It is also necessary to consider the presence of ref domains in the range of links; this will allow users to register faster if they are interested in your platform.

Competent dosing in the use of anchor links

When outreach, it is necessary to dose anchor links with commercial wording properly. It is advisable to enter keywords (or phrases) in indirect execution. Finding the perfect anchor link solution can help you research competitive platforms for successful building outreach.

Eliminate hyper-growth in link building

It is crucial to exclude reference excess from outreach. Otherwise, Google will take it as a warning signal, indicating the artificial origin of links. It will be considered that the platform’s owner has decided to control search queries. It will lead to the fact that you will fall under Google filters. Many mistakenly believe that DR domains will directly depend on the excess of link building.

Uniform outreach distribution

It is necessary to establish link-building between the relevant thematic content. The most successful case is detailed, high-quality text or the most informative comments that make building outreach more qualitative.

Creation of additional referral traffic

A significant advantage would be additional link-building found on social media platforms. Links from them will not be indexed, but different sources for backlinks will increase the behavioral aspects and the outreach efficiency.

If you use at least one of the above factors for outreach, then your company’s marketing will improve to a large extent. The degree of effectiveness directly depends on each action taken into account in link building.

Link-building outreach strategies to avoid

The wrong strategy in building outreach can provoke numerous errors in link building. Let’s take a look at the most common mistakes that occur during building outreach.

The presence of spamming during outreach in the anchor pages of the platform

A web platform can have a small amount of link-building with the direct inclusion of phrases necessary to promote the platform. It is recommended to have a link profile in the range of 80-90% non-anchor links. As often happens, they do not always control the number of anchorless links and do not calculate the most optimal percentage, which negatively affects DR domains.

Wrong analysis of competitive platforms

Only sometimes, before the introduction of link building, a study of competitive sites is carried out, or inappropriate platforms considered direct competitors are taken into account. When selecting competitors for quality outreach, you must carefully approach this issue. Mistakes here are unacceptable and will entail the unprofitability of building outreach and the uselessness of outreach.

For the study of competitive platforms during link insertion outreach, the following information is collected:

  • the growth rate of the reference array;
  • DR domains;
  • distribution of links on the pages of donor sites;
  • degree of user activity;
  • ways to increase the reference array for building outreach;
  • what platforms are most effective for outreach.

Considering all these points of competitive sites, you can create an anchor page for the promoted platform and an outreach base for an effective link strategy that will directly affect DR domains. Considering at least 5 competitive sites in the TOP is advisable.

It happens that the wrong platform is chosen for the outreach study. In this case, the research results on such platforms will be useless, and you will use erroneous building outreach based on them, leading to a sharp decrease in DR domains.

Incompetent selection of donor sites for outreach

For outreach for link acquisition, one of the main factors influencing the effectiveness of link building is the competent selection of outreach donor platforms. To make the right choice, here are some basic guidelines:

Donor platforms should correspond as closely as possible to the theme of your site, taking into account outreach promotion;

  • DR domains of the donor platform must be very high;
  • the site must not be under Google sanctions;
  • the site must not be infected with viruses.

Outreach link building as service should be used in cases where you want to make your business more successful, increase the number of visits to the site, and increase your position in the search results.

There is no concept between varieties of links

When content outreach link building, it is essential to consider the diversity of the link-building profile – we mean not only anchor pages but also the use of various links, including ref domains. If, for outreach, you consider a competent combination of a link strategy, then building outreach will be performed as efficiently as possible.

It is necessary to use crowd link building email outreach (inclusions in comments on blogs, forums, and social networks). They will improve the efficiency of outreach, namely:

  • the link profile of the platform will be more natural due to non-anchor links;
  • the visibility of the platform in search engines increases, and hence its DR domains increase;
  • the central traffic increases due to outreach;
  • the company’s platform and brand will have more outreach.

The use of submissions (links with the placement of user data). Such link-building must be in the profile of the promoted platform. Outreach submissions provide an opportunity to solve several problems:

  • link profile becomes more diverse;
  • increases the organization’s DR domains and brand awareness;
  • contributes to the regular increase of the link profile.

Standard links (text) are links that are located on thematic sites. They can be anchors and non-anchor, but they have a more powerful influence on the ranking for search queries. Outreach turned out to be of high quality.
Thus, to ensure high-quality building outreach, it is necessary to use all types of links and link-building email outreach.

Ignoring internal website optimization

It is wrong to start link building outreach management if the internal optimization of the site still needs to be done. The presence of technical errors will lead to a decrease in DR domains. Most of all, duplicate pages cause damage, which scatters the link array and does not provide effective outreach for link building.

Be sure to consider the negative consequences caused by the factors listed above when building outreach.

Use of social networks and their impact on outreach

Social networks and link building are two areas that are inextricably linked. Thanks to the presence of social networks, an opportunity for more outreach is provided. The link is a link between the two platforms, and the presence of link building increases DR domains.

Social networks are an outreach link and a concentration of bloggers, journalists, and other content creators who can be a source of backlinks. If the material is systematically published and the relationship with these people is provided (it is essential to have ref domains), the company has more opportunities to perform outreach.

Moreover, social platforms can increase brand awareness of your company and its DR domains. And this can indirectly affect the increase in outreach. Suppose the brand of the company is active on social platforms. In that case, the degree that content creators will pay attention to your company will increase because they are always looking for quality platforms for their outreach. Thus, outreach link-building services are provided.

As a result, using social networks to build outreach is beneficial for both parties. The use of link-building outreach management is one of the components of a successful link-building strategy.

The main advantages of using social platforms for outreach

Using social networks for outreach link building services has many benefits for promoting a company’s website:

  • increasing the visibility of content to increase outreach;
  • active distribution of content because there will be an exchange of links to your platform;
  • outreach link building as a service allows you to establish mutually beneficial relationships, allowing you to request backlinks and increase DR domains;
  • strong authority;
  • targeted outreach – thanks to social networks, it is possible to target a specific user audience, thereby making it easier to access interested parties;
  • it is possible to track competitors and determine their DR domains and actions.

It follows that one hundred social platforms are a valuable and effective tool for building outreach when creating link building. In this case, social networks will act as an outreach link agency, helping to increase their popularity and recognition.

Strategies for using social platforms for link-building and outreach
We list the primary strategy needed to increase DR domains:

  • ensure an active presence on social platforms where your consumer audience is located, and then outreach will be of higher quality;
  • distribute only high-quality content that promotes backlinks;
  • use ref domains;
  • build contacts with influencers to increase outreach;
  • participate in relevant communities to better present yourself as an expert in a particular field;
  • use social media advertising to increase your site’s traffic and outreach.

The main point in interaction with social networks is a competent sequence in building reliable and lasting relationships, which makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of link-building and consumer outreach.

5 best tools for link-building outreach

Link-building outreach tools are essential to the success of building outreach. With the right approach, you can increase DR domains and improve targeted traffic to your web platform. There are many link-building tools, but it is often difficult to immediately understand which ones are more effective.

Therefore, below we will consider the 5 best tools for building outreach.

Tool #1 – SE Rating

The SE rating is a cloud-based platform that includes handy tools for effective outreach:

  • sorting websites;
  • the lineup of keywords and phrases, which can help build outreach;
  • extensive audit of the platform;
  • analysis of competitors, including their DR domains;
  • monitoring of backlinks;
  • automatic reporting, and much more.

This whole set of tools is essential and very useful for link building. When outreach, you can explore any backlink based on the main parameters: URL address, country, last check, rating, anchor to text, referring domains, social popularity, Google index, and many others. Using the SE Rating tool will make outreach more efficient and effective, and DR domains will increase.

Tool #2 – SEO Jet

This tool is a unique program for managing links and providing assistance in outreach. SEO Jet is a handy assistant for quickly creating link profiles for your company’s web platform. This tool improves the effectiveness of link building, allowing you to increase traffic and quickly expand your business.
It allows you to solve complex tasks in an automated way to increase DR domains, for example, those related to the study of key phrases, the creation of content and links, and other equally important components of an outreach optimization strategy.

Tool #3 – Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a tool that allows you to analyze backlinks and crawl web pages at a staggering speed (4.1 million pages in one minute). This tool is essential for the latest and most up-to-date news on backlinks and referring domains. Ahrefs is a multifunctional tool that can be very useful for building outreach.

Here are some of its features that will actively help in link building:

  • tracking backlinks with different statuses (new, broken, lost);
  • determine the reasons for the removal of links in the previously completed link building;
  • examine each link in detail: anchor page, DR domains, URL, first view date, and much more;
  • explore backlinks for outreach depending on their varieties, platform, and language.

By the way, Ahrefs can infiltrate JavaScript to find links there. But some tools, when checking backlinks, stop only at HTML, which will negatively affect outreach.

Tool #4 – Majestic

Majestic is considered one of the most useful SEO tools for link building. Majestic is a link Intelligence tool for SEO, Internet PR, and MIT Marketing. Site Explorer shows incoming links and summary information about the web platform.
It also includes a unique tool that allows you to discover the history of backlinks found by amazing robots for specified domains, subdomains, and ULR addresses. It can be beneficial for boosting your platform’s DR domains.

Tool #5 – Moz

This tool is considered to be the best SEO tool for link building. This set will be helpful for both beginners and professionals. Moz has SEO tools and software to track and improve your organization’s link-building performance. The tool increases outreach, improvement of marketing aspects and business development.

Therefore, for effective link building, special helpers allow you to increase outreach, financial profit, and DR domains.

How to automate work with link-building outreach?

Working with link-building outreach is quite challenging to automate because, in most cases, you have to negotiate with site owners directly so that you can place external links. However, several tools help automate individual processes. For example, you can determine in advance how many links you need to remember, considering the work of competitors and the situation on the market.

In addition, exchanges, such as Collaborator, help you find potential platforms for linking faster and easier. Some tools automatically compose a task for a copywriter, taking into account the specifics of the link that needs to be inserted into the text – they immediately determine the required test size, keywords, and unique content requirements.

If you are a site owner and want to automate link-building outreach, the best solution would be to hire a team of outsourced SEO specialists to create a task for a copywriter and negotiate with platforms to place your links.

Today, Chat GPT is very popular – an artificial intelligence that can write texts in a few seconds that are not much different from those reported by a person. However, most experts do not advise using this, as search engines like Google oppose this strategy and stop showing sites where such texts are found in the top search results.

Decreasing the return on your outreach link-building outreach

If your web platform has been manually dealt with for artificial links leading to it, then try to exclude those links from the media where they were previously placed during the link building. In addition, this action should be taken if you believe that appropriate action may soon be taken in connection with using paid links link building or other link exchange algorithms that violate outreach quality assurance rules.

When it is impossible to exclude such links from link building independently, you must reject the URLs of suspicious web pages or domains that lead to your web platform. Let’s consider a step-by-step process for disavowing links to increase the effectiveness of outreach.

Decide whether to reject links from link building

In almost all cases, Google determines which links are trustworthy and which are not, so Web specialists do not need to use this tool in the outreach process.

There are two reasons why a partial rejection of a link building is required:

  • when your platform has a lot of artificial, low-quality, and spammy links;
  • the existence of these links has previously led to manual action.

Each company strives to ensure that other companies cannot harm their rating and outreach effectiveness. But there are cases when this is possible if «harmful» links in the link building negatively affect the web platform. An example is the creation of paid links or link exchange algorithms that violate quality requirements. Therefore, these links located on other web platforms should be disavowed in the first place.

Create a list of negative links that affect outreach

To do this, you must list unwanted link-building links or domains you plan to exclude. Consider the format of such a list:

  • write down the URL or domain on each line; you should not specify the full path that leads to a specific section;
  • to be able to exclude a domain or subdomain, it is necessary to write down the prefix;
  • use UTF-8 or 7-bit ASCII characters to encode a text file;
  • the file name must have a .txt extension;
  • the maximum allowed URL length is 2048 characters;
  • allowable file size – up to 2 Mb or up to 100 thousand lines, including those not filled with text;
  • to be able to write a comment, indicate at the beginning of the line the pound sign #.

You should download the data from the information if you reject URLs or websites not found in your platform’s outreach links report. Please note that you will need to remove those links from the uploaded account that you will not reject, and they will continue to support outreach actively.

Upload the list to Search Console

You can send one list of all the resources you own from the whole outreach. Uploading an updated list will automatically cancel all existing lists from the link building of this resource. Such a list can only be loaded by the owner of the help. But URL disapproval will still show up in your links report.
This list will only apply to the specific resource loaded on (or its child resources). You should download a separate list for each help using HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

Next, you need to upload a list of web pages and domains to be rejected from link building:

  • open the page – reject links;
  • select the required resource, and if this resource already has its list, then a list of rejected pages and domains will be displayed, and the list that you upload will be applied instead of the previous one;
  • download the list;
  • select a file: if there are errors in the file, they will be indicated; if there are no errors, there will be no problems with loading.

If you decide to remove all lists from the link-building links of the resource at once, then you need to click on «Cancel rejection.» The list will be automatically deleted, and the links listed in it will be activated again after a few weeks after robots have processed them. Thus, remote links from outreach will continue to work.

Why should you outsource link-building outreach?

Every company needs to have high DR domains, recognition, and popularity. It is ensured through effective building outreach. This task must be handled within the company, or turn to outsourcing companies that can protect you from a time-consuming task. Moreover, link building requires regularity throughout the entire period of existence of the company’s web platform. Consider the main advantages of outsourcing for link building.

Opportunity to focus on core business objectives

By instructing an outsourcing company to deal with link-building, you can calmly continue to solve problems directly related to your organization’s activities and not be distracted by routine and time-consuming link-building.

Reducing operating financial costs for outreach

Outsourcing saves money. Delegating the operational tasks associated with link building will always be cheaper than if it had to be done by a full-time employee (or department). Having determined a specific list of link-building services, you pay only for its successful implementation, and a full-time employee needs to be paid regularly, and only sometimes for a successful result related to outreach and increasing the company’s DR domains.

In addition, by signing an outsourcing contract, you will be sure that building outreach work will be carried out professionally because such companies have narrowly focused and experienced specialists who will increase your organization’s DR domains, including using outreach links seo.

Is it possible not to expand the staff for building outreach?

The more you outsource operational functions, the fewer employees you will need. Therefore, those who do not want to increase the number of full-time employees can save on creating a separate unit (office, equipment, software, salary) for outreach.

Ability to use innovative outreach methods

The company is only sometimes financially ready to purchase expensive equipment for outreach. Therefore, using the outsourcing option, you can save on the purchase of equipment and effectively perform the outreach task, using innovative methods to increase DR domains. The more advanced technologies are used to solve problems, the better their implementation will be at lower financial costs.

Easier to complete operational tasks through outreach

It is necessary to solve a problem that the organization has never encountered. For example, having paid for the development of the site, the company calmed down and continues to work further, but for the effective use of the platform, it is not enough to have a website; you also need to be able to optimize it, promote it, and so on. And this needs to be monitored regularly. Indeed, the financial success of the company and its further development largely depend on DR domains. It is possible thanks to outreach, but the organization needs to learn how to do it. It is where outsourcing comes into play.

In the end

Off-page optimization is just as important a part of SEO promotion as off-page optimization. Link-building outreach is a natural science because you need to consider the reputation of the site where your links are published, the quality of articles, the number of links per month, and much more. To get a quality result, you need to contact experienced professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to help them make link-building outreach more effective.

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