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PBN: accelerate traffic growth with your own network of sites

Key facts about the PBN
PBN gives predictable quality links in any subject area
PBN is adaptive to changes in Google's algorithms
Flexible link mass management, independent of the mood of the webmasters of the theme sites.
PBN links have been working effectively for more than 15 years. If the link algorithms change - we simply adjust the content on our sites.
Full management of donor sites guarantees quality link mass, and if any site is under sanction, a simple Disavow is the cure.
PBN reduces risks of sanctions for links
Use PBN to:
Create an initial quality link mass for a young website;
Take up additional positions in the rankings with your satellites, removing negativity from the top.
Get the site to the top for a high-frequency query in Google;
Obtain narrowly themed links in topics with a shortage of quality, low-cost donors;
PBN: accelerate traffic growth with your own network of sites
We deploy your websites on secure & distributed platforms
We explore topics and available resources and design the PBN architecture
Our specialists capture quality domains with history, check for filters
Our Production team uploads quality content: images, copywriting, neural networks
Additionally, we pump up the satellites with external links
Our team posts the links and speeds up the indexation
PBNs with support
PBNs turnkey
Create, maintain and pump up an established network. Replace sites that have fallen out.
We deploy a network of websites on your hosting sites. Further support is on your side.
$49/month per unit (10-19 sites)
$44/month per unit (20-30 sites)
$39/month per unit (30+ sites)
Individual price calculation
Reviews from our clients
Our clinics are all over Russia, many destinations, even more services. There are separate sites for each geo and destination. To promote so many sites, we need a powerful and stable linking tool that takes into account the EAT-factors, as our business falls into the YMYL category. It is almost impossible to find enough donors with high DR on the market. The solution was a private multi-tiered and multi-regional PBN grid of 50 reclaimed medical sites with good performance. In a year and a half we tripled traffic from Google and doubled from Yandex.
Health centre network
Historically Google was lagging far behind in terms of positions, even the links didn't help in any way. We approached the guys with the problem, they analysed the site and advised a grid of 20 topical drops with history and DR. The grid is only four months old, and Google has already made progress on a number of queries!
Construction company
As the head of the department, I need the dashboard for the remaining amounts on the sites in order to keep track of the timely replenishment of funds on the advertising sites. Previously, my guys had to go into their offices and separately calculate the balance for each client twice a week. This took about 20 minutes. Now the guys just enter the account balance and see all the information instantly. Moreover, managers are now able to track this information as well, which minimizes campaign stoppages due to lack of budget. Thank you very much for this miracle invention!
Head of paid traffic
Online furniture and furnishings shop
The first priority was to squeeze the black PR from the top for branded requests — the shenanigans of competitors.
The specialists formed a strategy based on a network of 30 word-of-mouth sites, which subsequently filled the top 10, squeezing out the unfair negativity.
Product Director
I need the report to keep track of the top-level dynamics across product slices. I used to do this manually via analytics systems using saved slices, but often didn't have time to get there and waited for an update in the report from the SEO specialists. Now I can go inside and immediately see what I need, without wasting extra time searching for information or waiting for an optimiser.
What is the PBN and how does it work?
The PBN (Private Blog Network) is a proprietary network of support sites that allows you to get quality links for search engine promotion.
Which is better - PBN or classic link-building?
Link building
Continually reinforcing donors
Webmaster sells more links, site gets worse
Exclusive: links from one donor to one site only
Lots of outgoing, there may be links to banned topics
Links are posted permanently, you are in complete control of the process
The link lives an average of 12 months
Links closed from Ahrefs and others
Competitors see all your placements
Choose the theme and region of the network of sites yourself
There may be a shortage of quality low-cost donors in a particular theme
Some of the grid sites are also ranking for queries and bringing in traffic/applications
Each successive donor is no more expensive than the last
After using all the low-cost sites available, less profitable sites have to
We recommend combining PBN with other linking tools, see the table for the main differences between the methods:
How donors change over time
Number and quality of outgoing links
Placement guarantee
Protection from competitors
Coverage of themes and regions
Additional benefits
Экономия на масштабе
How quickly will the PBN have an effect?
The effect can be seen within 2-3 months after the launch of the grid. The time frame depends on the number and quality of sites in the grid, the subject matter, and the competitiveness of the targeted keywords.
Why is the PBN necessary?
With PBN, you can get your site to the top for a high-frequency query in Google and create a quality link mass, even in topics where there is a shortage of donors. Search engines use backlinks as a ranking factor, so having high-quality backlinks from reputable sites can help a site rank higher in search results.
What are the key requirements for the content of websites?
Basic content requirements for PBN websites:
1. Relevance: Content on PBN sites must be relevant to the theme of the site being promoted. This will help make backlinks natural and will not make search engines suspicious.

2. Quality: Content on PBN sites must be of high quality and well-written. This ensures that the sites will be seen as authoritative and will increase the value of the main site.

3. Originality. Content on PBN sites must be original and not duplicated from other sources. Unoriginal content can have a negative impact on the PBN site's ranking.

It is not necessary for PBN sites to rank well in search engines but it can be useful in terms of increasing credibility of the sites. If PBN-sites rank well in search, they will be considered more authoritative and will bring more value to the promoted site if users will start to click on links, it will be possible to pass dynamic weight which is many times more effective than usual static weight for PBN. However, ranking PBN sites in search is often not a priority, as the main purpose of the PBN is to provide backlinks to the site being promoted.
Are there any sites that definitely don't need a PBN?
Backlinks are essential for every project, as they are still a significant ranking factor in Google. Accordingly, the PBN will be useful for any website.
Free PBN architecture for your needs
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