Get into the top 3 of high-frequency queries with PBN

One of the main ranking factors in Google is still external links. In certain niches, competent link promotion requires a lot of resources: platform selection and donors quality check, communication and correspondence with webmasters, preparing briefs and payment for placements.

You can save a lot of time with these tasks by implementing your own network of sites - PBN (Private Blog Network).
The task of each individual PBN site is to link to the main project site to improve its link weight
Find out more about what PBN is from our customers' success stories.
How it works:
We create from 10 to 60 sites, set up with each link to the promoted site with the most important queries in the anchors (which we want to get to the top 3).
Suitable for such tasks as :
- Strengthening the presence of the project in Google;
- Moving frequent queries to the top - relevant when the query is in the area of visibility, but not approaching the top, - despite the internal optimization;
- Occupying the top 10 sub-controlled sites;
- Squeezing out of there sites with unflattering information (PBN for SERM purposes).
PBN is a network of sites with links to the promoted site.
Client an alternative way to effectively grow the link profile to promote Google.
Case Example:
In 2022, Google stopped running ads, part of the search engine audience naturally migrated to organics, and the market for contextual promotion went sharply into the negative. It is important to understand that only advertising tools were disabled, but not Google itself. The audience remained, which means - we had to optimise the strategy.

How the PBN works

First, a little bit of math. The PBN (Private Blog Network) is essentially a single network of individual sites that are in no way directly connected to each other. Each of them looks to the user like an independent resource.
The number of sites in the PBN can vary. It is important that all of them relate to the subject of the main project of the client - either directly or indirectly. In other words, they are thematic donors of the main site. For example, to promote the site of cosmetology we will fit information sites related to medicine.
All of these sites are owned and controlled by the same owner. Each of them has a link to the main site. Sites transfer link weight to the promoted site for specific queries, which we want to take first place in the organic output. The position of the main site in the search engine is growing, and so is traffic.
A key feature of the PBN is privacy. Each donor site is "masked," so the search engine does not recognize their relationship.
We create the whole network ourselves. Each element of such a network helps to solve the common task - to promote the main site. The task of PBN is to increase the size and quality of the link mass of the promoted resource, due to which the visibility in Google grows.
When selecting anchors for promotion, you must use requests that do not reach the top 10 and top 3. The reason for this is simple: the goal is to get to the most convertible positions - this is the top-3 - and the first line of search results - this is the top-10.

What client needs as a PBN strategy?

The client has a well-developed link profile: it may be inferior to competitors, but it should not be zero. If the link profile of the site will consist mostly of links from PBN sites, the risks that the grid will be detected by search engines will increase.
Competitors use PBN grids: this can be determined by analyzing their link profiles through special services (if the grid is not hidden from them). If competitors do it without the PBN, the client has less competition and, therefore, higher chances. But if the competitors are also "in business", you have to play by the same rules - to grow traffic with the same effective tool.
There are several sites to be promoted, which can rotate, because of which you need to flexibly manage the link weight, moving links from one site to another.
There are significant obstacles to implementing SEO tasks. For example, there is no development resource or there are restrictions on changing pages.
A constant and steady growth of links is necessary: since links are indexed for 2-3 months, usually create from 10 to 40 sites. The number depends on the client's budget, but more sites will give more growth.
Subject promoted site complex or highly competitive. Complicated subjects are those in which there are few donors on the exchanges or they are expensive because of the high cost of advertising. Topics with high competition include, for example, insurance, banking, medicine or education.
Promoted site does not reach the top-3 or top-10 for high-frequency clusters or queries.
The need to promote "controversial" content. For example, site owners refuse to post things related to cryptocurrency.
The site is promoted on foreign Googlе, where most of the proposals for links low-quality. Quality links are expensive.
Deployment of PBN will cost the client cheaper than quality links - that is, those that have the following indicators: DR > 30, CT > 30, IKS > 100, Spam < 10%. To unwrap PBN-set it is possible from 70 000 rubles a month.
Pros and cons
PBN has certain advantages over conventional link placement.
However, the disadvantages are also worth considering.
Since the sites are wholly owned or by the client, we ourselves regulate all the "parameters": the quality and theme of the content, type of placement, the number of links and anchors, the number of placements.
In the long run to develop PBN-network is more profitable than buying regular links. The thing is that high-quality links with high indicators (DR, CT, ICS, traffic) are more expensive than their own network of sites.
Time and money.
At the stage of deployment need to lay down a fairly long time (1-3 months) and cost (from 80 000 to 200 000 rubles). This is what these resources are needed for:
  • buy domains;
  • buy hostings;
  • generate unique and high-quality content;
  • deploy a large number of sites.
Google can detect signs of affiliation by determining that several sites are counterparts and occupy not one but two or more positions in the search engine. The affiliates found may be subject to sanctions: the search engine groups the sites in the output so that only one of the group's sites remains in the visibility zone. In this case the sanctions will not end with the promoted site for which we deploy the PBN grid.
PBN Strategy Results
The dynamics of positions on the promoted queries, as a rule, is noticeable in 3-5 months after the start of work. Such terms are relevant for any business.

After 6 months, we record whether the positions have increased for the requests that are important to us. If we see an increase in positions - we continue to work. If the growth does not reach the numbers we and the client need, we adjust the current strategy: change anchors, types of links used, replace domains, etc. In any case, the effect of links leads to the fact that the rating of the domain is growing.

In PBN we use different sites, such as online stores or article books. The choice of the type of site depends on the subject of the promoted resource and the types of sites of interest to us in the output.
Types of PBN websites
Articles, directories, blogs, collections of materials - that is, a completely informational site.
Catalogs. Classic online store with a number of custom pages and products.
Aggregators. Sites with offers to buy cars, apartments, and so on.
For example, for a site of e-commerce is suitable directory, for medicine you can use a blog, and for real estate - an aggregator.
PBN - Client Case Studies
We have repeatedly implemented PBNs for the companies we work with. Their businesses fall in several themes and operate in different regions.
Learn more about their campaigns below:
Client: Medical-Supply Website (Client Name Under NDA)
We have been working on their SEO since March 2021, and since August we have connected the PBN. With the help of website promotion, together with the customer we planned to increase the number of potential users and sales from all channels.
There was a limited development resource on the client side. The project had not only SEO tasks, but also some from the product side. Therefore, there were less resources at our disposal.

Another stagnator was the low speed of approval. The larger the team, the longer the chain: everyone who creates and approves content is involved. Publishing texts, implementing blocks, and coordinating links was time-consuming.

At the same time, we wanted to get the results as soon as possible. The problem was solved when PBN service was connected to the project - just in August, 2021. Thus we have saved the limited development resource from the client and we did not need additional approvals. Our team was fully responsible for this task: everything was implemented on a turnkey basis, we created donor sites and filled them with content, and then continued to develop further.
Analyzed competitors' link portfolios and planned which sites would be in the PBN grid. At first we implemented 40 sites and suspended work on the PBN for 2 months to reduce the budget. But in March we resumed the work and increased the net to 60 sites: 40% are websites-articles, 60% are online-shops. In the process we noticed that the directories work more effectively, so the new batch of sites implemented them.

On the SEO side, we selected the anchors for the clusters and placed links on them. We generated and placed unique content for the sites with articles, prepared the unloading of products for directories and placed them on the sites.
In December we added links, and by August traffic had increased by 2.2 times compared to December, and visibility increased by 20%. Global changes on a site from SEO in this period have not been, therefore the basic result can be considered as kickback from PBN.

In May 2022 Google has rolled out a major update to its search algorithm - Google Core Update 2022. Positions of many sites are "shaken". But our PBN satellites network continued to grow in promoted clusters: Google could not find our network.
Visibility growth in Google from December to August - by 2 times.
Traffic on Google from December to August increased by 2.5 times
The essence of link building: with additional links we pump our PBN sites, and they, in turn, pump the client's main site
After creating the PBN sites, we continued to maintain and develop them: we regularly updated theirs content, kept an eye on their indexing and performance. Also, for the grid to remain effective, it was necessary to develop link profiles of PBN sites themselves. For this purpose we used multilevel link building.

We created new topical sites or restored them from the web archive. After that we linked sites on the main PBN. Thus, we've developed reference profiles of sites of a network which let the links gain more weight.
Overtime, we can change or add clusters that we want to promote in Google. For example, in preparation for the launch of a new product or service, we place links 3-6 months before the start of sales. PBN is a flexible tool and allows us to prepare for the season in niches where the demand depends on the time of year.
Main Challenges
Project Flow & Organisation
Zoom in on the picture by clicking on it
Zoom in on the picture by clicking on it
Client: site with house projects in the business segment (client name under NDA)
We have been working with the client for two years. The goal was to increase traffic and positions for narrow construction styles in both search engines. In this area the transaction cycle is long, so organic is very important. Within the whole chain of touching the user, it affects the final conversion.
Positions in Google lagged far behind Yandex, and the classic purchase of links did not bring results. Google saw a six-month decline, so they decided to use PBN links.
We analyzed the link profiles of our competitors and implemented a grid of 40 satellite sites. This is the optimal number, keeping in mind that more sites give better results.

We have chosen the domains and anchors for promotion by clusters, based on the distribution of positions, we have placed links on them. We have generated and placed unique content for sites with articles, prepared goods upload for directories.

When creating a network of sites, we use all direct and related topics with the main project. For our client, the entire resource is divided into two parts. The first half - thematic articles about house building, design and repair. The second half of the PBN sites are catalogs filled with house cards.
They began to appear two months after the installation of links. And after a year visibility in Google by promoted clusters has increased by 3 times. From the start of the implementation work, such a period is a good indicator for SEO. During the whole period of work we have been regularly updating the content on both types of sites, strengthened the links from the PBN sites, developing their link profiles.

In terms of link metrics, we used only PBNs, with no other link types. That said, the growth metrics were leading all competitors: over the year-to-year period, the donor domains, total number of referring pages, and domain ranking show good momentum.
Schematically, the distribution of resources looks like a division into content categories
We were able to bring our client's project to the forefront in a relatively short period of time.
The PBN grid gave us a serious advantage when taking into account the clear slippage of the competitors' indicators
Main Challenges
Project Flow & Organisation
First results
Linking pages also withstand competition within the sphere.
In terms of the dynamics of external links, we have seen an incredible leap.
A visual representation of the domain rating.
The dynamics of the domain rating of our site is also due to the strategic steps in the work with the PBN.
From December to August, visibility increased threefold. This is another example of how we managed to strengthen our project's position on PBN-promoted clusters, even with the Google Core Update 2022 in May 2022.
Traffic on Google also shows a steady growth: from December to August - by 2 times.
Zoom in on the picture by clicking on it
Zoom in on the picture by clicking on it
Zoom in on the picture by clicking on it
Zoom in on the picture by clicking on it
Zoom in on the picture by clicking on it
Zoom in on the picture by clicking on it
Zoom in on the picture by clicking on it
Zoom in on the picture by clicking on it
Buy High DA PBN
PBNs with support
PBNs turnkey
Create, maintain and pump up an established network. Replace sites that have fallen out.
We deploy a network of websites on your hosting sites. Further support is on your side.
$49/month per unit (10-19 sites)
$44/month per unit (20-30 sites)
$39/month per unit (30+ sites)
Individual price calculation
General conclusion: Why work with the PBN Specialists?
  • The main site already has a position in the top 30 Google and not an empty reference profile;
  • Quality links from exchanges are expensive;
  • There are restrictions on the implementation of SEO-tasks.

Business topics can be used in any way. Work through the PBN can be limited only if the new site has no link profile and no position in Google.

The first results from the creation of the PBN can be obtained in 3-6 months. For a specific project these terms depend on the current level of ranking in Google and the link profile in comparison with competitors.

The main advantage of PBN in comparison with the classical link promotion is economy of money, flexibility in distribution of link weight between the promoted pages, possibility of adaptation of a network under any requirements of the client.
The PBN tool is useful for clients in the following cases:
GEO we work with
Europe: Ireland, Portugal, Germany, France, Spain, Cyprus, Romania, Poland

America: Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia
Asia: India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand
We provide PBN, linkbuilding, SEO and other services worldwide
Oceania and Africa: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa
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